UK Education Data with a Unified API

I’ve had a week to reflect on my time at Capita ESS. Working at the biggest education software provider in the UK as their Data Scientist was one of the most challenging and enjoyable experiences of my life. Also I’ve grown so much as a professional from the very talented people I worked alongside. I was given a lot of freedom to solve problems and hopefully help make their products better. Those experiences will help direct me throughout my career, I wish everyone the best of luck.

To reflect my change in role and sector. I’ve been working on creating this blog to hopefully provide some informative and useful content in all things Azure, R, Power BI and General Data stuff!

New R Package

My first project on here is to create a R package that provides a unified API to UK Education Datasets. This will not only simplify and support later planned projects of mine! Its aim is to encourage others to do interesting analysis on the UK Education Sector, the much referenced Citizen Data Scientists and Education industry professionals.

The first dataset available is the Get Schools Information (formerly Edubase) which is the English Department for Education’s authoritative source on Schools (and eventually other education establishments). So is a great kick off point for any analysis.

Quick Start Guide

One Challenge I’ve faced while building this package was how to stop making repeated expensive calls to data sources that do change. My stack Overflow Question didn’t necessarily yield amazing solutions. Follow up post will be coming soon (Caching Data Strategies and patterns in R)

Future Plans

The plan over the coming few months is to start to fill this blog out with some interesting projects and tutorials around Open Data and My Personal Data to encourage and provide tools for you to do the same!

Projects include:

  • Introduction to Data Science with R (Using Education Data)
  • Tutorial: Analyzing Super League 2018 (Rugby Leagues Top European/Transatlantic competition) in Power BI
  • Setting Up a R Shiny Server in Azure
  • Integrating User Feedback into your Website/Product Analytics with Azure
  • Better HeatMaps in Power BI (Custom Visual)