What is this project?

Everyday we input data into our devices, applications, social media and more. Yet even as data scientists how often do we take a step back and analyse that information? Whether it be out of sheer curiosity or to gather insights into a healthier or more productive life. On this blog I will analyse the various data aspects of my life, encourage you to find a counter arrive or to apply my code to your data. This blog will also act a place to share things I find cool!

Where did the inspiration come from?

When I first joined SIMS I did a presentation on data science to the business and a major part of that was around getting to know more about me! I collected data from my everyday life and used that to explain the value you can gain from insights.

Since then I’ve only collected more data, and become more inspired by the data science and #rstats community.  So why not start a blog?

Who is the author?

Scott James Bell is a Microsoft Consultant at Altius.  Focusing on Azure Data Platform and related technologies. Formerly a Data scientist at the UK’s largest Education Software and Services company. He has an undergraduate and masters degree in Computer Science from the University of Lincoln.

Personal Interests include: Data,Beer, Music, Films and Rugby League.


What can I expect on this blog?

The more perspectives you have on a problem the better. So imagine a mix of

  • Data Science
  • Sports Statistics
  • Lots of R and some Python
  • Plenty of Azure
  • Uncomfortable amount of Power BI
  • Maybe some Psychology, UI and UX
  • More questions and probably even less answers
  • Lots of waffling….
Some Legal stuff

All Views and Analysis expressed here are that of the author and are not representative of the views with any associated companies, third parties or his employer.

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